Ah, the kitchen office laundry room combo

Here’s our January 3rd “Pick of the Week” for the worst Real Estate Photo.

Boy, I really wish that I had an all-purpose room like this one. I could fold clothes, wash dishes, and do paperwork in one area. Put in a toilet, and I would be self sufficient for days. Our selection this week is not with the program at all. They may be a great multi-tasker, but the goal is to sell your house. An ironing board next to a stack of paperwork and a laptop in the kitchen isn’t getting them any closer to their goal.

Seriously guys, how unattractive does this make the house? Pretty bad. The worst part is not that this owner has a really “cool” combo room setup; it’s that they didn’t care enough to even pretend (for the home buyer’s sake) that it’s really just a kitchen. Everyone arranges rooms to their own liking, but when you put it on the market, your goal is to attract the RIGHT kind of attention. Let’s get it together guys!

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