Don’t use cats in your Real Estate Photography

Every week, we’re highlighting our “Pick of the Week” for the worst Real Estate Photo. While we won’t be listing the agent’s name or agency they work for, we will be showing you what NOT to do.

This week’s pick decided that it was best to advertise a home by placing primary emphasis on a cat. This bedroom shot clearly keeps the cat in focus, while everything else seems to get pushed to the background. I hope the cat comes included with the house!

In the process of doing this, they also committed 3 Real Estate Photography crimes:

  • 1. Dark Photo
  • 2. Unattractive Bedspread
  • 3. Crooked Photo

Every now and then, something pops up unexpectedly – like a cat jumping on the bed. But you have to ask yourself what this agent was thinking when they made the conscious decision to say, “Yeah, let’s use that to advertise your home.” Don’t be that person!

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