Floor Plans

Our Floor Plans are priced by square footage of the home. Using interior measurements, our floor plans more accurately measure actual square footage (“living space”) and also show the entire flow of the home in detail. Measured by laser, and delivery is currently offered in 2-D form only.

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Floor Plan Breakdown

Square FootagePrice
< 2,000 sq. ft.$200
< 3,000 sq. ft.$250
< 4,000 sq. ft.$300
< 5,000 sq. ft.$350
< 6,000 sq. ft.$400


Delivery includes a digital PDF (for print) and a jpeg (for web) of the floor plan. Every floor of the home is arranged on the same page.
While our interior dimensions are accurate and great for determining how to use the interior space, we recommend using the overall square footage we obtain as a check against the assessors. In most – if not all – cases, you will want to use the assessor’s numbers for overall square footage.