Getting the Most out of your Professional Real Estate Photography

With internet property searches at an all-time high (98% of prospective buyers), and a competitive market such as real estate, most agents have come to accept that professional photography is the best way to market properties and themselves. And they would be right.

But did you know that not all property photography is equal – even if you hire a professional?


That’s right. More and more research is showing not only that professional photography has the ability to gain increased exposure; if done right, it has the ability to separate other properties from the rest and even increase the selling value – even when compared to similarly-priced properties in the same neighborhood.

When choosing a photographer, look at samples of their work and allow time to discuss which are the most important shots for your property. Here are a few of the most important shots of nearly any property:

(1) Front Yard Exterior.
This is most likely going to be the first photo a that buyers see, and it will ultimately determine whether a buyer decides to explore more or move onto the next of hundreds of properties. Leave room around the house to capture foliage (trees, bushes), as this frames the image well gives the viewer a more complete perspective of the property. If you can, also have twilight photos taken.

(2) Secondary Exteriors.
This includes balcony, deck, and view shots. Remember you’re selling the experience, not just a piece of property. When a buyer can see (without imagining) what their view of the back yard and surrounding area will be, it’s worth more than 1,000 words.

(3) Best interior shots.
Your next few shots should show large, open-layouts that are flattering not only for individual spaces but also that show the layout of the property. These are typically the living and family rooms, which are the first to be seen when stepping foot inside. Like the front yard exterior, this is one of the best ways to make a GOOD first impression.

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