Making a great first impression with your new listing

Most buyers start looking for property online using sites like Trulia, Zillo, and Redfin. They want to find the biggest sample of properties that meet their criteria, in hopes of then narrowing the search with the finer details. One of these details – one that can either make or break the deal – is the first thing that catches their eye. It’s not the listing price, number of bedrooms, storage space, or proximity to shopping malls. IT’S PHOTOGRAPHY!

Even if a property meets most of a buyer’s criteria, why would they bother looking into the details if they don’t even know what it looks like? This applies to quantity AND quality of the photos. If you see 7-10 photos of a house, that might tell them there is a reason why you’re not capturing the full property. And even if you have 30-40 photos (a decent amount), buyers are going to be turned off if they can’t see all the details of them, due to poor camera quality, deficient lighting, or crooked/badly-cropped photos due to user error.

On the other hand, great photos get them interested from the very beginning. They might, in fact, have so much weight that buyers look into them despite only meeting half of the criteria they established when starting their search. Buying a home is a BIG decision, and you can use professional real estate photography to your favor, painting a perfect picture of what it will be like to step into their dream home.

Photos really do speak a thousand words, and they are very likely to determine whether a buyer will check into the details of the property or just move on to the other 150 listings they found in their search. If you don’t want your listing to be one that is weeded out simply because they can’t make out what’s in the photo (or there are only 7 or 8 photos of the property), turn to a professional photographer who can showcase the property in its full beauty. Your listing will stand out from the rest, increasing exposure and traffic, and most likely decreasing the time the property sits on the market.

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