Single Property Websites Help Realtors Stand Out in Low Inventory Markets

In Southern California, the real estate market, particularly among million dollar homes, has really turned the corner. In fact, in January the Los Angeles Times reported that California’s million dollar home sales hit a five-year high. This is the highest level since 2007.


With low interest rates and strong demand, limited inventory requires realtors to think outside the box. If every realtor is paying for professional photography and property brochures how can you stand out? One answer is a single property website.

Now before you head to GoDaddy or using a website building service like Wix, let’s build the blueprint for what a single property website should offer. First and foremost, the website must showcase the property beautifully on all computers, smartphones and tablets. Over fifty percent of all cell phone users in the United States use a smartphone. If your single property site doesn’t load when they drive by your property and pull up the website, you’re missing the mark.

Sample Property Website

Beyond being mobile friendly, a single property must offer unique content. What’s the point of paying a photographer or service provider to build a site that only hosts photos or a photo slideshow? A single property website must showcase aspects of the property not found anywhere else on the web. Recycling information found on Redfin or Trulia is a waste of your hard earned money.

The last essential ingredient to a single property website is lead generation. Visitors should be able to schedule a property viewing and subscribe to your email list. Not only will be convenient, you’ll also be generating future leads who you can market in your email campaigns. Chances are if they were interested in this property they’ll be interested in your other properties. Using a single property website to build leads and referrals is an incredible tool.

So there you have it, the three most essential aspects for a single property website: mobile friendly, unique content, lead generation. If you’d like to see what we believe the perfect single property website looks like, have a peak at 30250 Lands End

For details on all the features included on our single property websites you can read more here.


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