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Set the Mood with your Real Estate Photography by Shooting in the Evening

Thinking about adding a little something different for your property Photography? You might want to consider taking some shots at twilight or afterward. The reason is that it adds something more to the shoot, giving the prospective buyer a feel for the mood of the property. And if you think about it, it’s much easier […]

Everyday Challenges of a Real Estate Photographer, part 3: Plan but be flexible

This post is dedicated specifically to the Real Estate Photographers out there. Yes, agents that read this will have a better perspective of what to expect; however any photographer will be one step ahead of the game if they follow a couple key suggestions here. Planning is one the most important things you can do […]

2 Things Every Successful Agent Knows about Real Estate Photography

Based on experience, feedback, and current research, we know of 2 things that will definitely help you “up your game” when it comes to planning, scheduling, and using Real Estate Photography on your listings. There are plenty of sources that will tell you what key things you need to do with your existing Real Estate […]

Tips for Using Professional Real Estate Photography for the First Time

We’ve recently been working with agents who are using professional photography for the first time, and they have voiced several questions relating to doing research on a photographer and what to already have prepared for the shoot. For those agents who have used professional photography in the past, this is not a surprise because several […]

Listing During the Holidays: a Pro Tip

Most people don’t consider listing their property on the market during the holidays. Whether they don’t want to deal with the hassle when they plan on dedicating this time of year to be with their families, or whether they believe that people don’t buy at this time of year, it’s true that there are a […]