What is a Virtual Twilight?

Unlike a real In-Person Twilight session, the Virtual Twilight session consists of daytime exterior shots that we edit in post-production to appear as though they were taken in the evening. Simply put, we shoot the property like a normal daytime shoot (no additional time on scene), and we make an evening version out of 2 […]

Do you offer Twilight Photography?

Yes, we offer Twilight Photography in two different forms: (1) Virtual Twilight; and (2) In-Person Twilight. The Virtual Twilight consists of daytime exterior shots that we edit in post-production to appear as though they were taken in the evening. While not as good as the In-Person Twilight (in terms of authenticity), it is a cheaper […]

How do we prepare the property for the photo or video shoot?

You essentially want everything 100% prepped when your photographer arrives. Think of it like an open house. Anything you wouldn’t want a potential buyer to see should apply for your photo or video shoot as well. Please do NOT assume that we will avoid seeing something in our shots. We shoot with wide lenses, and […]

How do we pay for the services we order from you?

When you book a shoot (by going to our green “Order Now” button in the upper right-hand corner of any page on our website), you will be asked to place a $100 deposit to reserve your appointment. Please see our other FAQ about why we ask for this deposit. After the shoot takes place, we […]

Do you offer aerial/drone services?

Yes, we do. We are FAA-certified pilots, operating under 14 Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) part 107. What this essentially means is that we operate under a set of regulations (established by the FAA) to ensure safety and compliance when operating a drone in a commercial capacity. We are also insured – just in case […]

How will my floor plan be delivered?

Your floor plan will be included in your delivery email in 3 formats: PDF, web-sized jpg, MLS-sized jpg – usually as attachments. For any print uses, please use the PDF version, and the MLS-sized version, as it states, is ready for upload to the MLS without any editing or resizing. The floor plan will also […]

When would I order your half-day/full-day shoot?

Most of our services (individual or packages) are very clear about what you get, and each service is charged to you as a separate line item on the invoice. Our half-day / full-day shoots are designed a little different. They are meant for larger properties or custom jobs, when you need a variety of different […]