Do you offer Twilight Photography?

Yes, we offer Twilight Photography in two different forms: (1) Virtual Twilight; and (2) In-Person Twilight.

The Virtual Twilight consists of daytime exterior shots that we edit in post-production to appear as though they were taken in the evening. While not as good as the In-Person Twilight (in terms of authenticity), it is a cheaper option and allows for more flexibility with scheduling.

You can’t beat a real In-Person Twilight shot though – in terms of quality and authenticity, so we always recommend this option if quality is important. Also we recommend the In-Person Twilight method if any large view will be part of the shot. While the Virtual Twilight focuses on the house and some landscape lighting directly in front of it, it can’t be used to replicate, for example, an evening view of a valley, with all the tens of thousands of lights. Please keep this in mind when choosing which type of twilight service to order.

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