What are the licensing terms for the photos and videos we receive from you?

We have a document (linked below) that gives you all of the details regarding permissions and licensing of media that you receive from REWS Media, LLC, but here is a quick version:

Unless otherwise specified, the license that comes with your media gives you (the agent we have a contract with and ONLY you) the right to use that media for the purpose of marketing and listing that specific property. Other than using it for the agent’s own personal marketing on social media and in their own portfolio (which is approved), these are the only ways you can use the media we send. Please do not transfer, give, or sell any media materials we send you to any other 3rd party, as they will need their own licensing to use it legally. If you have any questions about the use of this media, please contact us for more information.

REWS Media, LLC does maintain ownership of all media (unless otherwise specified), and extended licenses can be offered to fit your needs. Just call or email us, and we can discuss the options.

Licensing Terms

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