Where is the house?

Here’s our January 10th “Pick of the Week” for the worst Real Estate Photo.

Okay, who’s up for a good game of “Find the House”? The photo below shows a nice shot of the front yard. Sure it would be better if you could see some more of the house than part of a closed garage and cars in the driveway, but that’s not really the thing that bothers me about this listing. This is 1 of only 4 photos taken for the whole listing, and it might shock you to know that the other 3 are ALSO of the front yard. No one knows what any other part of the house looks like, and that’s why this house is going to sit on the market for a LONG time.

The truth is that prospective buyers are going to realize more than the fact that they can’t see any more of this house – they’re also going to realize that’s there’s probably a reason for it. And right there, you lost them. You need to have more than 4 photos of a property (especially when they are all the same part of the house) in order to have anyone even somewhat interested in your listing. Over 70% of buyers look at properties online first, so make a good first impression and do yourself a favor at the same time – put some thought and time into good photography!

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