Who wants a grungy dark kitchen?

Here’s our “Pick of the Week” for the worst Real Estate Photo.

This week’s photo features one of the most grungy kitchens we’ve seen in a long time. The photography was using a flash because that’s – ironically – the only thing you can really see. It’s very dark, and what you can see is absolutely repulsive. The cherry on top is the crooked angle. They probably took this photo while moving, just to get out of there – and I wouldn’t blame them!

The point to make here is that you are featuring the home. It is for sale, and you want people to BUY IT. If that’s your goal, there’s no reason to even include this shot because I don’t want to see any more of the house after that shot. If you don’t have a lot to work with – because the house is run down – our advice is to just leave it out. It’s as simple as that!

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